Lofty Ambition

The inspiration for Lofty Ambition emerged from my inspiration for life. As a black male educator, I always felt specifically responsible for the encouragement, development and sustainability of my students and community. I always knew that wherever my purpose took me it would be for the betterment of black and brown people. Lofty Ambition is not just a brand, it’s my philosophy. My aim is to continuously generate thought and awareness of how remarkable we truly are. My products are uniquely and conscientiously created to uplift, unify and embrace our culture.  Every product is signed with these four words Faith, Unity, Power and Purpose which I believe are the underlying pillars that will continue to lead us to our success and let’s face it; if your ambition isn’t lofty we have aimed too low. Thank you for your love and support.


-Donnie Bosco 

Lofty Ambition Brand





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